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How To Use This Site

I created Must See Nude Men to help me quickly find my favorite naked men from my favorite gay porn websites.

If you’re like me you probably have a lot of gay porn videos saved on your hard drive. But I had a problem: when I feel horny and in the mood to jack-off, I look on my hard drive and in the folders all I see are the file names of the videos I saved. I can’t always remember what the guy looks like who is in the video so I end up randomly playing videos, going through dozens until I find a guy to jerk off to.

I could try and find pics of a guy on the web or the porn website but that can take too long. So I decided to create a naked man photo gallery database website where I can display photos of all my favorite “must-see” nude male models. These are the guys who appear in videos I downloaded while a member of the porn site where I found them.

So I guess you could say this site was really just created for me but you’re welcome to use it also, both to help you remember who your favorite naked hunks are and to help you decide about joining one of the gay porn sites featured here. I created this site so it looks great on most mobile devices like smart phones and tablets so you can check out the guys just about anywhere.

Here’s how I use the site:

When I find myself in the mood to jack off to some gay porn I turn on my TV, media player and hard drive and then grab my phone or tablet and take a look through the galleries on this site. Like I said, this site looks good on tablets and phones so its easy to see nice photos of the naked guys along with their names. When I see a man who makes my dick twitch, I find his video on my hard drive, hit play and away I go to orgasm heaven!

Now of course this site will probably only be helpful if my definition of “must-see” matches up with yours, and after browsing my galleries you’ll discover that soon enough.

One more thing: if you’re not a member of any of the porn sites featured here I also include a direct link on the page so you can join the site if you wish. Don’t forget that the models and crew who make the gay porn we love don’t do it for free so help support your favorite gay porn website by becoming a paying member. If you end up joining a site after clicking on my link I receive a small referral fee that helps me maintain this site so thank you for that!

As you can see I still have several more porn sites to add to my galleries. It takes time searching through hundreds of models to find the “must-see” guys. Check back often for updates.

I hope you enjoy Must See Nude Men and thanks for visiting! Don’t forget to bookmark the site!